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More Security with the Hardware Wallets Support!

Andrea Baccega (Vekexasia) and Aleksey Popov (Alepop), delegates and members of the decentralized group GDT that support the Lisk Ecosystem, recently announced they are working on supporting Lisk on two of the best hardware...


Ascend launches a pledging system with a free voting method

Ascend is a new pool of delegates that one week ago announced its voting proposal and disclosed its future plans. Nowadays the main pools are Sherwood, Elite and GDT, that in total count 92...


Planning a Dapp on Lisk, a New Article from Lisk.Support

In the latest article of Lisk.support, the go-to community website focused on Lisk and founded by Lisk delegate “joo5ty”, the author leongaban analyzes how to build a business Dapp evaluating some strategies for the...