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LiskHQ encourages the community to un-vote Elite member Luukas

In a recent announcement Lindsay Buescher, Marketing Manager at LiskHQ, alerted the community that Luukas, an active delegate and member of the Chinese Lisk Elite Group, has been offline and for more than 7...


LiskHQ Expandes the Team with 4 New Members

In December LiskHQ announced in their Community Update  that the team continued to expand with 5 new colleagues. These fresh faces cover technical and business roles and they are: Andries (HR Manager), Mat (Community...


Tickets for Lisk Relaunch Event Sold Out in 1 Hour

As announced by the team, the link to book a free ticket for the Lisk February Relaunch has been released through Lisk official Social Networks on Wednesday 10th January at 5pm CET: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/lisk-relaunch-registration-41656803621 Using...