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An interview with Sapiens Project’s Founder

Sapiens is a project that aims to decentralize every aspect of the academic and certification system. The Platform will provide an infrastrucuture to creating, issuing, viewing, and verifying official records in a digital format,...


Planning a Dapp on Lisk, a New Article from Lisk.Support

In the latest article of Lisk.support, the go-to community website focused on Lisk and founded by Lisk delegate “joo5ty”, the author leongaban analyzes how to build a business Dapp evaluating some strategies for the...


New Details About Lisk Relaunch Event

During the last Lisk Meetup Kordek announced the relaunch date as February 20, 2018 and few days ago LiskHQ released in a tweet brand new information about the Relaunch Event. The conference will be...