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Lisk Consensus Model and The Eternal Dilemma

The Lisk network is far from perfect: recurring topics in the Lisk community channels regard the alteration of the consensus algorithm, the centralization of the system and the high fees of the network. Are...

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More Security with the Hardware Wallets Support!

Andrea Baccega (Vekexasia) and Aleksey Popov (Alepop), delegates and members of the decentralized group GDT that support the Lisk Ecosystem, recently announced they are working on supporting Lisk on two of the best hardware...


LiskHQ encourages the community to un-vote Elite member Luukas

In a recent announcement Lindsay Buescher, Marketing Manager at LiskHQ, alerted the community that Luukas, an active delegate and member of the Chinese Lisk Elite Group, has been offline and for more than 7...